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The Brookhaven Experiment Update Version 1.04 Brings Better Graphics and Lighting

The Brookhaven Experiment for PSVR recently had an update that patched in support for Sony’s new PSVR Aim controller. We reckon it’s pretty good and works fairly well, but there is a little bit of a problem: it’s too damn dark!

The Brookhaven Experiment is a dark game already, but when using the PSVR Aim controller, your flashlight is attached to the end of your rifle/shotgun, thus leaving your gun near-total darkness. While that’s annoying aesthetically, it also hampers the functionality as it becomes difficult to aim.

Thankfully, the developers behind the horror shooter have released a new update for the game, numbered version 1.04, that solves the big issue as well as adding in some better anti-aliasing to make the game look a little easier on the eyes. Here’s the patch notes:

The Brookhaven Experiment Update Version 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Lighting improvements, better anti-aliasing, rifle balance and minor bug fixes.

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