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The Division Expansion II: Survival Releasing Next Month

The Division has new DLC launching on December 20th. The second expansion named Survival puts your team against nature itself, and that is only the beginning of your troubles.

Survival takes place as New York is being buried under a terrible snow storm. As is usually the case, your team is trying to recover some lifesaving drugs that will help, and the weather forces your ride to make an unscheduled stop. (Thank goodness they are not a sports team, or else this game is taking a very dark turn.) You will need to manage your limited resources as you continue the mission and ensure as many possible team members make it home. To make a bad day worse, there is also something hunting your team as you move toward your goal.

Players can buy Survival as a stand alone expansion or as part of the season pass. The included trailer is sure to get you excited for when it drops next month. Are you looking forward to having a snow day in The Division?


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