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The Dwarves Receives New Challenges Update

We love it when a developer adds new content for free, especially after we have already bought the game. One of these updates is live now for The Dwarves, and it adds some new modes to keep players hacking and slashing.

The Challenges are broken down into three different ways to play. The first is your standard Horde Mode. Waves of enemies will assault you, and you will show them why they are stupid to do it. The second is a time challenge in which you kill as quickly as you can. That seems perfect for people who want to kill orcs, but they do not have a lot of time. The final mode will push you to catch an orc that is running away from you, while you have to cut your way through enemies in order to capture him.

Check out the full patch notes, and let us know if you are as excited about free as we are.

Patch Notes

– New game modes: three different Challenges on six maps
– Three new achievements for the new challenges
– New campaign difficulty mode: Very Easy
– Engine update: performance upgrade in many scenes
– Divided display language and subtitle option
– Turkish language added (Subtitles / OnScreen-Text)
– Optimized camera collision

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THQ Nordic's Press Release

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