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The Entertainer Will Be Hitman’s Last Elusive Target

Ending with number 26, a new elusive target has been on Agent 47’s radar every week. This week will be his last. Codenamed “The Entertainer”, everyone’s favorite barcoded bad boy will need to go back to Marrakesh to kill Mr. Giggles (that name probably increases your chances of dying on and off stage) and retrieve a client list. As usual, you will have ten days, and failure will be permanent.

We liked the idea of elusive targets, because we like anything that puts new content into old games for free. We also like that it gave us new fancy clothes for our electronic dolls to wear.

With Square Enix’s decision to dump the Hitman series, we hope IO Interactive continues to pump out new seasons with new targets for us to stalk and kill in exotic locations.

Are future Hitman seasons now considered an indie game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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