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The First 64 Player Battlefield 1 Footage Will Be Streamed This June

Over on EA and Dice have announced that the first footage of Battlefield 1 will be streamed live from EA Play on the 12th of June. This won’t be some silly one guy showing off one feature kind of thing either. Nope, it’s a fully fledged 64 player online battle. If you’re active in the Battlefield community then the names NOOB and StoneMountain64 might ring a bell. Well for the uninitiated they are members of Battlefield Friends and the best part is they’ll be captaining the 32 man teams. On top of the two captains there will also be a roster of YouTubers and Twitch Streamers taking part.

The best part is you could also be in with a chance of playing Battlefield 1 on the live-stream and winning a trip to EA Play. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is follow and Tweet @Battlefield with a video of you explaining why you deserve to win. Make sure to Tweet by June 3rd at the latest and include #BattlefieldSweepstakes in your Tweet.

Battlefield’s website did not include any specific information on which mode or map will be played on the live-stream. If we were betting men here at Pure PlayStation we’d wager all of our money on the mode being Conquest. As for the map we really have no idea. It will probably be based around one of the more famous World War 1 battles, such as The Battle of Verdun (1916) or The Battle of the Somme (1916), but it could also be an entirely fictional battle.


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