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The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse Announced For PS4

Desert Owl Games have just revealed their new episodic adventure which ties into Universal’s The Huntsman movie franchise. The game is called The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse and it features dynamic story telling across multiple episodes as well as combat based around a collectable cards game. It’s coming to Windows and Mac on April 23rd, but us poor PlayStation 4 gamers will have to wait until an undisclosed date in later 2016.

The game will feature characters from Snow White and The Huntsman as well as acting as a prequel to the upcoming movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War. The combat revolves around collectable equipment cards, you will be provided with three random cards, from your collection, at the beginning of each round and you’ll be able to activate their abilities on your turn, perhaps it will be somewhat similar to Gwent.

The story will be based on Elizabeth who is sworn to reunite her long lost brothers. She ends up joining forces with a mysterious character named Marcus who is also searching for her brothers, however he turns out to be motivated for all the wrong reasons. The player will direct the story in a choose-your-own-adventure fashion and their party can even be joined by a third character, be they human, dwarven or something else entirely.

The best part is that the first episode will be completely free, which means you’ll be able to test the waters without it costing you a dime, if you like what you play then you can invest in the rest of the episodes. You can check out the game’s unique art direction in the trailer below and we’ve also included a few brand new screenshots right below that.

huntsman_6 huntsman_1 huntsman_10


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