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The Last Guardian: 2016 Release Confirmed And New Gameplay Details Revealed

Recently Edge Magazine were lucky enough to interview Fumito Ueda the lead designer on The Last Guardian. A game that so far has been quite elusive in keeping us updated on what’s going on and when we can play it, it has been in production for over eight years now. Nevertheless in his interview Ueda informed us that we will be seeing it release this year at some point.

Ueda then gave some in depth explanations about Trico the giant mysterious creature that you as the human character befriend. However Trico is in no way your pet, the giant feathered creature is free willed and may refuse to obey your commands from time to time. Whether this is random or set to trigger at certain points in the story we don’t know. As you progress however Trico will begin to become closer to the humanoid protagonist and much less frequently disobey what you ask it to do.

One gameplay mechanic revealed is a mirrored shield the boy possesses that seemingly produces it’s own light that you can shine at surfaces. Wherever you aim the light a powerful beam of red lightning will follow, courtesy of Trico’s tail. That is if he decides to listen to you of course. This ability was shown to solve environmental puzzles but could possibly also be used for combat. Now we have a 2016 confirmed release date from the lead designer we will hopefully receive more regular updates about how the game is coming along.

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