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The Latest Get Even Trailer Is Appropriately Named Minor Confusion

Get Even’s latest trailer is named “Minor Confusion”, and it lets you know that this is normal for the treatment. Your brain is a jumbled mess. Beginning with images that show a person who may not have the firmest grip on reality, there are many voices talking about your inability to remember things from your past. Eventually, your world sharpens around you, only to reach the end of the trailer.

The presentation and mystery surrounding Get Even makes us hope this game will be a real mind bender. The text at the end of the trailer asks you what is real, and the idea of continually doubting what you see could be very interesting.

The game will release for the PS4 on May 26th, so you have enough time to make one of those little tops from Inception to keep you grounded.

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Bandai Namco Press Release

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