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The Surge Receives 14 Minutes of Sci-Fi Gameplay

In our coverage of The Surge, we’ve discovered a sci-fi RPG that has Dark Souls like tendencies and a pretty good possibility to have a bad day at work. Today, Deck13 unveiled even more gameplay that’s uncut, fourteen minutes long, and commentated on by game designer, Adam Hetenyi. The new footage reveals the world of CREO’s RND complex, Abandoned Laboratories and the industrial exoskeleton that will stomp its grounds. You’ll also see the Mega Man-esque abilities of taking your fallen foes’ abilities. Armor and weapons can be looted from enemies that are integrated in your suit. You can check out the hefty gameplay trailer above.

The Surge is being developed by Deck13 who are best known for half of Lords of the Fallen’s development, which was also a Souls-like game. It received mixed reviews. What are your first impressions on their latest outing? Will they hit the mark of the popular series they’re inspired by? The Surge will release for the PlayStation 4 in May.

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