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The Thargoids Return to Elite Dangerous in Patch 2.4 on September 26th

As we mentioned last week, we would learn the release date for patch 2.4 during a stream with the developer, Frontier Developments, today. You can watch the whole stream here, but we have also posted the trailer for the patch at the top of the article. It has the fancy CG that has all the kids talking these days, and the other has a lot of lore discussion, 2.4 features talk, and a look at some upcoming ideas as well.

Patches in Elite Dangerous seem to be more of an event, because they seek to add new features and mechanics, instead of only just fixing some broken parts of the game. Patch 2.4 will be adding new weapons and a new alien threat in the Thargoids among other additions.

If you managed to grab a ticket to the upcoming Frontier Expo in London on October 7th, you will see more of what the future holds for Elite Dangerous, and we cannot wait to see the changes as the game and galaxy continue to evolve. Until then, we we will downloading patch 2.4 as quickly as we can to see what an alien ship shaped like a metal octopus looks like after it has been blown to bits.

Oh, and if the devs see this, PSVR support would be a nice upcoming feature to add.


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