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The Turing Test Announced for PS4 Release, Will Melt Your Brain January 23rd

We love a good brain-teaser here at Pure PlayStation, so imagine our delight when The Turing Test was announced for a release on PS4. Yep, the brain-melting first-person sci-fi puzzler will be hitting PS4 on January 23rd of this year; that’s less than three weeks away.

The game is a first-person puzzle game that, according to the developers, will you have questioning what it means to exist. Man, we question that every morning in the mirror…

Naturally, we’ll do our best to get a review up once we’ve gotten our hands on a copy of the game, though we may not be the same afterwards; Pure PlayStation could become a lot more philosophical. There’s a trailer from the game’s original release from last year for Xbox One and Steam.

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Bulkhead Interactive Press Release

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