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The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 Delayed In Europe

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 – Give No Shelter is coming out today in the USA and Europe, however the game has been delayed in Europe. Now before you start sending Telltale hate mail and flinging your DualShocks take a second to look at the new release date. Michonne Episode 2 will now release on the 31st of March 2016 instead of the 29th. That’s not so bad, is it? While it may be a little irritating to those of you who planned to spend a night curled up on the couch with Michonne at least you’ll only have to reschedule by two days. We’ve included Telltale’s Tweet just below and Michonne’s most recent trailer right below that, to help tide you over until the episode releases.

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