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There’s Nowhere to Hide Following Friday the 13th: The Game’s Latest Update

Note: We’ve noticed a lot of people coming to this page today (29.08.2017), so if you’re looking for the latest Friday the 13th: The Game’s update info from August, here is where you need to be.

In the same week that Gun Media announced new rules to abide by or risk getting your booty banned, Friday the 13th: The Game has received an update designed to prevent players exploiting a glitch and staying out of Jason’s reach.

Update 1.06 addresses the so-called crouching glitch, which came to the developer’s attention after receiving 5,000 complaints. Looks like we’ll have to get good!

The ‘crouch glitch’ that has been used by players to get on roofs and within hidden areas is patched out and should no longer be occurring to players,” Gun Media said in a Facebook post. “Other areas have also been looked at and patched up as to prevent users from getting into spots where Jason cannot go.

A memory leak that occurs during marathon sessions has also been rectified.

The exhausting list of changes is as follows:

The Following Bugs Were Fixed

  • Fixes exploits where users can get on the roof
  • Fixes crash bug with Slate rendering
  • Fixes crash bug after longer gameplay

Are you doing much surviving or do you find yourself being Jason fodder nine times out of ten? Comment below. 


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