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Time to Lose in Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4

Let’s get to the biggest news from Telltale’s Episode 4 trailer for Batman: The Enemy Within – John Doe may have realized his true potential. In the last few seconds, we see Bruce Wayne walking into a door surrounded by “Ha Ha Ha Ha” written in revolving neon letters. The Joker is not a subtle man.

The rest of the footage shows Batman fighting villains and going from a bad to worse situation. In his line of work, that is probably just a Tuesday. Dramatic cuts show him confronting all of his new friends with words or fists.

Finally, is Episode 4 when Amanda Waller shows her true colors? Is she a villain whose actions are worse than Harley and company, or is she just fighting fire with fire?

Batman: The Enemy Within is Telltale’s second season with the Batman franchise and a clear improvement over the first. These last two episodes will set the scene for season 3 (come on, you know it’s coming). More importantly, we hope they just have a strong ending for season two.

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Telltale Games Press Release

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