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Timothy vs the Aliens Mixes Classic Gangsters with Action Platformers

Timothy vs the Aliens is coming exclusively to the PS4 on January 31st. It tells the story of a gangster named Timothy who must save Earth from a ravenous alien invasion. The game is described as an open-world, action platformer with puzzles to solve, characters to meet, missions to accomplish, and aliens to shoot.

The noir visuals and music are very interesting. The black and white art style sharply contrasts with the colorful aliens and the goo they leave after being eliminated. The soundtrack we have heard in the trailers would make Benny Goodman tap his toes in rhythm.

All of this is being created by six people. The studio, Wild Sphere, was chosen Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain after winning the chance to participate in its PlayStation Talents program. The program supports and builds the local game industry in Spain by providing free facilities and mentoring to the developers.

Timothy vs the Aliens is releasing on January 31st in Europe first, and it will be released to the rest of the world later. Enjoy your win for a change, Europe, and be sure to check out the trailers for a look at all the action.

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