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Tiny Trax Brings Slot Car Racing to PSVR, Out Next Week

The developer behind Velocity 2X and Surge Deluxe, FuturLab, is set to release their newest title next week, and it is a PSVR exclusive.

Tiny Trax aims to counter the glitzy realms of console racing and the genre’s limited virtual reality offering by delivering a unique and unrivaled slot-car racing experience. The game will support online multiplayer, and thus allow up to four players to battle it out in a choice of six rides.

This is coupled with the studio’s own twists on the slot-car battles we know of old; drifting, boost and lane switching are all present to help a classic cement itself in a modern era. And as you’ll see in the video above and screenshot below, this is a distant relative to any tabletop grand prixs that have come before.

“We’ve taken the slot-car format made popular by Scalextric and Carrera, and pumped it up a few notches!” Dave Gabriel, designer, said

“Adding lane-switching, boost and a super-smooth drifting mechanic to recharge your boost gauge, Tiny Trax expands the slot-car experience by introducing a whole new set of skills to wrap your thumbs around. We’ll even put your car back on the track if you overcook a corner!

“Steer your car as if it were radio controlled, zipping along walls, dunking underwater, flying overhead, and looping upside-down through ice-caves and space stations!”

Tiny Trax launches on July 25th, boasting a first week 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members in North America and Europe.

Will you be snapping up Tiny Trax? Were you a Scaletrix supremo? Or did you wish you were small enough to fit in the cars? Let us know in the comments below because we’re a nosey bunch. 


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