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Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer Is Very Cinematic

The cinematic launch trailer for EA’s other big shooter this season Titanfell dropped today, and it contains all the elements players expect. There are titans, smoke, and a gritty, human pilot apparently disgusted with the horrors of titan on human on titan on human war.

The trailer, named “Become One”, is set against a modern, lyrically-modified version of “Bang Bang” with lyrics that would make Nancy Sinatra cry. A solitary soldier and titan travel and fight against other pilots and their titans. We know EA is pushing the single player in its marketing, but the lonely pilot seems odd considering most will jump into the titans to blast their friends. All ribbing aside, the trailer is very well done and worth a watch for the last battle scene alone.

The game seems to be receiving positive early reviews, and you can pick up your copy on October 28th. While you watch the trailer to pass the time until then, does the last scene remind anyone else of the vault survivor walking with his dog? Also, does anyone think there is a missed opportunity here by not using the song “2 Become 1” by the Spice Girls? Let us know in the comments if there is another song that would work.

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