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Titanfall 2’s Latest Free DLC Announced

The first of Titanfall 2’s 2017 free content has been announced, including the return of a map from the first game that released a couple of years back.

The previously announced multiplayer mode Live Fire will be the first release of the year, coming sometime in February. Live Fire will see two teams of six compete against each other in one minute rounds. The team who either eliminates the opposition or are left holding the neutral flag at the end of the time period will be crowned victorious. All Live Fire maps are designed specifically for the intense and focused combat the mode offers, and will require tactical collaboration if you want to trounce the enemy.

The second installment of free content will be released in March. In addition to the usual bug fixes and new store purchases, the Colony map from Titanfall 1 will also be making a comeback. Although it has not been revealed if any changes can be expected, Respawn has teased that “it’s starting to look great with a new coat of paint.” And agree we must if this screenshot is anything to go by.


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