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Tom Clancy’s The Division Free Weekend in Progress

Well, we spoke too soon. It looks like we missed the announcement that Tom Clancy’s The Division would be having a free weekend too. Time to remedy our mistake.

Running from December 7th – 10th, you can play The Division (surely we can leave Tom Clancy’s name off now and then) for free. Everything in the game will be available for you to try from mods, gear, weapons, and skills.

This includes everything in the free update 1.8. Launching earlier this week, update 1.8 added new areas, new PvE and PvP modes, and some other tweaks to the gameplay.

Obviously, the game’s price will be cut substantially during the event. The standard version of the game will be 70% off, and the gold version will be 60% off. Speaking of standard, any progress you make in the free weekend will transfer over to the full version if purchased.

If you have never tried TC’s The Division (Sorry, Tom. Rest in peace.), there has never been a cheaper point of entry.


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