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Top Gun’s Danger Zone Coming to Rock Band 4

Rock Out to ‘Danger Zone’ as the Top Gun cult classic is being added to the roster of tracks available in Rock Band 4.

Kenny Loggins’ tune was also a favourite of Sterling Archer from the Archer TV series. And after the studio reached out to FXX, he will now be making a cameo appearance in the game, as Rock Band Product Manager Daniel Sussman explains.

When we received word that the Kenny Loggins mega-hit was coming to the Rock Band DLC Music Library, our thoughts immediately went to Archer,” he said. “We’re big fans of the show.”

“In fact, you could say that we like Archer as much as Archer likes, well, “Danger Zone”. So we reached out to the good folks at FXX and Floyd County Productions to see if they’d like to do something special for Rock Band and Archer fans and they jumped at the chance.”

“An Archer cameo in Rock Band was happening.”

Rock Band 4’s March update is also released today (March 16th). In addition to the above new characters will also be available in the Rock Shop in addition to a playable Normandy Bass from Mass Effect.

This may prove the first of many collaborations; we certainly hope so.

What would be your choice of character or track? Ours would be the legendary Robin Williams air guitaring to Dude(Looks Like a Lady) by Aerosmith as the one and only Mrs Doubtfire. 


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