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Top Up €100 On PSN And Get An Extra €15

If you ever wanted a little extra bang for your buck on PSN – lets be honest, who doesn’t? – then tomorrow will be your lucky day. Starting on the 2nd of March, topping up your PSN wallet by £100/€100/AU$150 will net you an extra £15/€15/AU$20. The best part is you do not have to spend £100/€100/AU$150 to get the extra credit, you only have to top up your wallet, which means you can hold onto the extra cash for future games such as Uncharted 4 or Ratchet and Clank.

The offer is ending on the 8th of March, but all you have to do is top up your wallet by £100/€100/AU$150 and Sony will message you with a code to enter on the PS Store, which will allow you to claim your extra £15/€15/AU$20.

The only catch (if you can even call it a catch) is that the offer is only available in the following regions: Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Australia, Greece, Finland, Slovenia, Iceland, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus.

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