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Tour the New Locations in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

If there is one thing we learned from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, it is that Orcs are fun to kill. A lot of fun. We might be more worried if they did not have hearts blacker than midnight in a lightless cave a mile beneath the surface of the earth. They are evil, OK, so our sociopathic lack of remorse combined with a bloodthirsty glee at stalking and quietly killing outpost after outpost is not a problem.

With strong discussion points for our next therapy session out of the way, there is a new trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and it shows us some of the new locations we will see. The new locations include Gorgoth and Cirith Ungol and different landscapes. It also shows us plenty of orcs dying, fights with some huge trolls, and a dragon breathing fire while it flies around a castle.

The game appears to be shaping up nicely for its August 25th release date, and we are looking forward to jumping back into Middle-earth for a little more sneak and stab and another turn with the innovative Nemesis System. If you have never visited the mature part of Middle-earth, why not see it during wartime?


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