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Trackmania Turbo Open Beta Starts Today

Trackmania Turbo is launching for the PlayStation 4 on the 22nd of March in the USA and on the 24th of March in the UK. The game will launch with 200 tracks, but if that’s not enough for you then fret not because players will be able to create and share their own tracks. If you’re planning to purchase a PlayStation VR headset sometime in the future then this will also be a good investment because Trackmania Turbo will be compatible.

As the title states, the beta is starting today (in fact it has already begun) and it will run up until 6AM on the 21st of March. The beta will feature 20 solo tracks spread across four environments. The beta will also let you sample online play, a challenge mode, a random track generator and two Trackbuilder modes. Another unique feature in the beta is the fact that any progress you make will carry over to the main game should you decide to purchase it.

The use of the term ‘beta’ seems a little strange to us in this case. Perhaps ‘ limited early access’ would have been a better name considering your progress will carry over to the full release. However, we won’t complain because after all it’s free access to a fun looking game.


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