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Try Not to Think about Your Real Job While Playing Dead End Job

Dead End Job is a twin stick shooter in which you play a supernatural exterminator at Ghoul-B-Gone. You job is to capture ghosts and keep people safe, but you do not get out of bed for free. Just like the real world, your work will be billed to the clients, and your weekly total will be used to see if you, or your more successful co-worker, will be crowned the Employee of the Week.

The game’s art style is inspired by 90’s cartoons, including Ren and Stimpy, and the music is written by Will Morton. He worked on the sound design for multiple Grand Theft Auto games and has also worked as a music producer.

The game will be playable in London at Gamer Network’s EGX Rezzed, but do not expect to buy it anytime soon. The game is set for release in February 2018.

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Ant Workshop Press Release

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