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Try Star Wars Battlefront II’s New Arcade Mode in the Beta

Star Wars Battlefront II is less than two months away, and they are revealing a new feature today. The Arcade Mode will allow you to play through different, customizable scenarios in single player or in split screen with or against a friend. Playing in Arcade will earn you some extra credits for crates and Star Cards to customize your characters.

For those who want to try before you buy (and we strongly recommend it for all games if you can), the new mode will be part of the upcoming beta. You will be able to take a 10v10 mode with AI in various scenarios. A Hero Mode will also put you in the robe of a character to wreak havok upon a group. The beta will allow you to fight as Darth Maul on Naboo, but the full version of Arcade Mode will give you scenarios from all the Star Wars eras, including the original good, the later terrible, and the not-quite-sure-yet current period.

The beta will run from October 6th to October 9th, but you can start early on October 4th if you pre-order by October 1st. We are eagerly anticipating the beta to see if the sequel can remedy some of the problems of the first game. If so, it may be the Star Wars experience everyone has been wanting, since the original Star Wars Battlefront.

Let’s hope it is the game we have been looking for when it releases on November 17th.


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