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Try to Survive Hell in Agony Mode

In addition to Agony’s story mode, they are adding the appropriately named Agony Mode to make it even harder to survive. In Hell. The trailers don’t make it seem all that inviting already, so how do you make it worse? You are given one life in a procedurally-generated level that is made of the same sure-to-give-me-nightmares-for-days design. That’ll do it.

Surviving the level is not the only objective. There are goals, such as collecting statues within the level or solving puzzles, and chances are good that it will end in your death. If you do happen to make it to the end in the Red Chamber, you can go back through the level as a succubi or go on to a new challenge.

If you manage to survive the horrors of the underworld, you can earn the glory of a gaming god. Agony will have a global leaderboard, so you can compare scores with your friends.

Check out the new trailer for a scary peek at Agony Mode. Be sure to get plenty of rest before Agony’s release date on May 29th, because good luck sleeping after you play.

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Press Release from Madmind Studio

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