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Two New Agony Trailers Take Us Deeper into Hell

We have been watching Agony with a great interest since Gamescom last year, and we have two new trailers to share with you today. The first is a new trailer that focuses on some of the demons you will meet as you try to make your way to the Red Goddess. It starts with a warning, and, for a game about the darkest parts of the netherworld, that is nothing more than a welcome mat for us.

The second trailer shows you possessing a demon and strolling around killing people. That sounds like typical demon stuff. It looks like you will be able to ignite poor souls and make them explode or put a hand through their eyes. Our personal favorite is punching a hole through someone and seeing your fist protruding from their chest.

The scenery in both trailers would give heavy metal album covers a run for their money. There are demons, people suffering, and there is even a small part in the second trailer where the player looks down to see the cloven hooves of the possessed demon. The whole environment seems like a collection of things that would make Clive Barker wet the bed.

If the game is half as good as the trailers, we cannot wait to play it when it releases later this year.

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