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UK Deal: Farpoint PSVR Aim Bundle is £42 in Tesco

If you’ve been wanting to get stuck into Farpoint for PSVR but have found the bundle to be a tad expensive, this is the deal for you. Well, providing you live within the UK and don’t mind ordering from the internet.

UK supermarket Tesco is flogging the Farpoint PSVR Aim bundle for the paltry sum of £42. For reference, it was going for around £100 when it first released. You can order yours from the Tesco website through here. Bear in mind, though, that this offer is only available while stocks last. If there’s a Tesco within walking/driving distance from your gaming hideout, it may be worth having a look in-store for the bundle as you may even save a few quid. We’ve often found that online prices and in-store prices differ, though not by any massive amount. Still, as Tesco is always keen to remind us, “every little helps”.

Farpoint released last year on PS4 as a PSVR exclusive game, and was among the first to utilise the PSVR Aim controller. We found Farpiont to be a pretty great experience in our review, and we were fairly impressed by the quality of the PSVR Aim controller itself, too.



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