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Ultimate Chicken Horse Aiming to Be One of PlayStation 4’s Most Uniquely Named Titles

Steam users will no longer hold the exclusivity to such a weirdly titled game. Ultimate Chicken Horse is coming to the PlayStation 4. The family-friendly, party platformer is best known for having players build levels and placing traps and hazards in an effort to stop others from completing the course. This is done by one of three game modes: Party Mode, Creative Mode, and Free Play Mode. The first two deals with either a limited or abundant supply of materials and the latter focuses on a single person making a level design and uploading it to the world. These can be played up with up to four players and it is possible to use only one controller.

The console release will also include an extension to the Free Play Mode. Gamers will be able to create full levels from start to finish, rather than just place obstacles and traps. Our PC brethren will get this addition as a free update. You can check out the console announcement trailer above.

Ultimate Chicken Horses hilarious and competitive multiplayer has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of PC gamers, so coming to consoles and allowing everyone to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their couch was an easy decision,” says Richard Atlas, CEO, Clever Endeavour Games.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is developed by Clever Endeavour Games and will release for the PlayStation 4 sometime in Q3 2017/Summer 2017. It launched on Steam of March last year to universal praise. Let us know if you’ve played the party creation title and what us console users can expect!

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