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Uncharted 4 And Hitman Betas’ File Sizes Revealed

Both the Uncharted 4 beta and the Hitman beta are available to download, exclusively on PS4, right now. Both betas are running for the duration of the weekend, so this should be a good chance to try out two of 2016’s biggest games for free ahead of their respective launches.

The Uncharted 4 beta clocks in at 11.56GB, which isn’t too bad considering it’s a very demanding game that looks like it pushes the PS4 pretty hard graphically. The Uncharted beta will be playable until early on Sunday, so we advice you get downloading soon if you want to get a decent chunk of playtime in before it ends.

Then there’s the Hitman beta, which clocks in at a very respectable 4.72GB. This beta also ends early on Sunday and as far as we know the beta gives players the chance to play the tutorial section, otherwise known as the prologue, from the game’s Intro Pack, which launches on the 11th of March.

That means you’ll need a grand total of 16.28GB of free hard drive space if you want to try out both betas this weekend. You can check out the file sizes in the two screenshots down below.

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