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Uncharted 4 Will Be Getting Co-Op in a Future Update in the “Near Future”

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End released to rave reviews back in May, though one glaring omission from its multiplayer suite was the lack of co-op gameplay.

Co-op was a popular feature in previous games in the PlayStation-exclusive saga, so it was more than a wee bit disappointing to see the feature dropped from what is possibly the last game in the franchise.

There’s good news, though, as Naughty Dog has confirmed that co-op will be coming to Uncharted 4 in a future update that’s supposedly going to release in “the near future”. However, we should note that nothing more specific was said about the much-wanted mode. We’re not sure if it’s going to be couch co-op or online co-op, though we’d probably hazard a guess at it being online co-op.

There’s no release date yet although Naughty Dog’s designers did claim that the mode is being worked on and that it’ll be coming in the near future, though it won’t be a part of Uncharted 4’s 1.08 update which will go live tomorrow. Naughty Dog actually laid out its plans for co-op back in May where the studio stated the mode would be released in Autumn 2016.

Would you prefer couch co-op or online? Or are you indifferent either way? Go on an adventure in the comments section below.


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