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Update 1.03 For Horizon Zero Dawn Fixes Crashes and Progression Bugs

Guerilla Games has released update 1.03 for Horizon Zero Dawn to rectify the crash and progression bugs experienced by a proportion of players.

Some users, mainly disc based players, have reported a crash during the game’s cinematic introduction. Though the studio is yet to confirm the specific fixes, we expect the update to sort this out. But if you are still experiencing the problem, Guerilla Games offers the following advice:

  1. After the game has crashed please restart your PS4.
  2. After your PS4 has restarted, leave the Horizon Zero Dawn disc in the PS4 for 2 hours while the PS4 is powered on and idle.
  3. Then start the game again.

The two-hour wait is apparently to allow the disc to finish copying data to the console, hence the lack of digital players experiencing the issue.

The intro is available to view again through the main menu – Extras > Intro Movie if you’ve missed a bit (or like us, want to relish in its beauty for the trillionth time).


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