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Usain Bolt Named as Pro Evolution Soccer 18 Pre-order Bonus, Shin Guards and All

The infamous sprinter Usain Bolt is retiring from athletics this summer, and the reason may have finally become apparent. Turns out the Jamaican will be swapping his running spikes for football studs as he joins the line-up in this year’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) as a pre-order bonus. We are the Jamaican Football Team! *do Bolt’s favourite stance*

The track legend is offered in all editions of Pro Evolution Soccer 18. Four versions of the football game have been announced: the Standard Edition, FC Barcelona Edition, Legendary Edition and Premium Edition.

Though it will still lack in the licencing department, the franchise has enjoyed a complete overhaul for the latest instalment. Thousands of individual elements have been gathered and stitched together to create a true-to-life atmosphere at the stadiums. Gameplay physics has been reworked with the ball now being playable with the whole body, just as it would be in reality. Everything has been tweaked for the better, right down to short size and kit fitting.

Online but local co-op will also be available, in both 2v2 and 3v3 forms.

Pro Evolution Soccer 18 launches on September 14th and is available to pre-order online.

FIFA or PES, you decide…


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