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Video: Watch Us Play the First 30 Minutes of Robinson: The Journey on PSVR

Robinson: The Journey is out very soon on PSVR (November 8th, North America, November 9th, UK and Europe) and we’ve had some hands on time with the game before release.

In fact, the guy writing this article has spent a few hours with Crytek’s latest creation and it’s a splendid little game to say the least. The full review is forthcoming, but in the meantime we hope that you’ll enjoy the first half an hour of gameplay that we’ve captured from within the PSVR headset. Bear in mind, though, that the footage you’ll see in the video up above aren’t quite representative of the final product.

As with all PSVR games, you really do need to see it to be believe it. Oh, and for the sake of clarity: we’ve only played the game on the base PS4 console, not the PS4 Pro. Sony, ahem, seems to have forgotten to send us our review unit… Nevermind, we’ve got deep pockets. We’ll buy our own… You’re welcome, Sony.

Is Robinson: The Journey on your hit-list of games this holiday season, or have you yet to even buy in to the whole VR thing? Explore the comments section below.

Chris has been writing about gaming news for far too long, and now he’s doing it even more. A true PlayStation know-it-all, Chris has owned just about every Sony console that ever existed. Trophies are like crack to this fella.
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