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Virry VR: Feel The Wild is Getting a Big Update on November 10th

For all those animal lovers/PSVR owners – not too tight a niche, we hope – there’s some good news on the horizon; the PSVR app will be getting a meaty update this week that you’ll be invited to take a snack at – completely free! Who doesn’t like free?

The update is being billed as the first big update which makes us think that perhaps the future holds more? Or maybe not. We’ll wait and see because that’s what life is all about.

The new update will bring the following new features:


  • When starting your journey, you’ll be asked about your mood – whether you’re happy, sad, stressed, tired, etc. then later on you’ll be asked again.

  • You can monitor changes in your mood while spending time relaxing on the magnificent savannah in Kenya and progress can be tracked in the Settings menu.

  • This will give you the ability to see how your experiences with the animals or just meditating by a waterfall can have a positive impact on your well being which we were able to see in internal testing*

Voice-over Options

  • The voice-over informs you about the different animals you’re seeing and the threats to their existence.

  • You now have the option to switch the voice-over and conservation questions on or off entirely at any time for a more immersive experience.

3D controller

  • The inclusion of a new animal themed virtual DualShock 4 controller creates a better body/object presence in order to make you feel more in touch with the world. Plus it looks cool!

Meditative music

  • Written by the award-winning new age composer Japetus (, all new music has been added to the relaxation experience.


  • Rock, pop, heavy metal, smooth jazz, J-Pop? If you’re looking to personalize your experience with the animals or as you sit by the water, Spotify can be used to add your own soundtrack.

  • Virry will detect when you’re using Spotify and automatically mute the default music in the relaxation experience.

Live Stream Camera Updates

  • The Live Stream camera feeds have been stabilized and a time loop has been added giving you more opportunities to see the animals at the Conservancy.

Direct Donations

  • The Live Stream cameras are now available for free for your first 15 minutes.

  • The cost after that is $2.50 per month or $3.50 per month to donate $1 to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, home to the endangered animals seen within the Virry experience.

What’s not to like in this new update? You can finally leave the dream and have James Blunt sing soppy songs with Spotify while you gawp at cute animals. Livin’ the dream, that is.

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Fountain Digital Press Release

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