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VR Hacker/Puzzle Game Darknet Goes “VR Optional”

Aspiring hackers will now be able to play the hit Archiact title Darknet without the PlayStation VR headset. As of September 26, players in North America, Europe and Japan will be able to enjoy the free update and experience the cyberpunk inspired strategy/puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of an elite hacker. Check out our original review of Darknet here.

Kevin Chorney, Senior Producer at Archiact had this to say about opening up Darknet to PlayStation users that don’t own the VR peripheral: “This is one of those opportunities that just made too much sense to pass on. We’ve brought the iconic visuals and mechanics of Darknet’s VR experience to traditional  platforms, while retaining the depth and challenge of gameplay that has made the game such a definitive VR title.”

As someone who has put a lot of hours into this game, before and after my review, I can tell you that I really liked the original VR version, but being able to instantly switch from VR to traditional screen will be an excellent addition. For those who already own Darknet, this update is totally free. For those gamers still on the fence, the game is still available for the original price of $14.99, and that now includes both versions. In other words, they made a good deal even better.



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Archiact Press Release

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