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VR Invaders Is Out Now For PlayStation VR

In the year 2046, virtual reality is omnipresent and most find it the perfect place to hide from the day-to-day grind of everyday life. While the citizens escape life inside the fully immersive experience, the global corporation behind it rakes in the cash. However, all is not perfect as viruses have been spreading through the system that don’t allow the users to disconnect.

To protect their profits and extract the “stuck” user, the corporation sends in Divers to enter the users neural session. You’ll play as Thomas Hall, and he is one of those divers. As Thomas, you’ll shoot your way through his story and multiple other game modes. Equipped with a blaster that has multiple firing modes and a time-bending energy shield, you’ll collect powerful upgrades, blast the viral legion through varying environments and engage treacherous bosses.

From global publisher comes VR Invaders – the Complete Edition, out now on PlayStation VR.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being on a virtual reality rescue force that dives into a stranger’s nightmare to save the day? Well, probably nobody but it sounds pretty cool, right?


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