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VR Spy Puzzler I Expect You to Die Makes $1 Million in Revenue

Schell Games, the developers behind the award-winning VR escape puzzle game I Expect You To Die, has earned more than $1 million in revenue since launching in December 2016.

The revenue was earned across all sales channels, including PlayStation Store, Amazon, Steam and Oculus Store.

The Pittsburgh-based company have released a special thank you message to fans in the form of a mixed reality video on its YouTube channel. The fact that this is the company’s first mixed reality experience ever published for this title marks yet another achievement.

Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games says:

“Our IEYTD team worked incredibly hard to create an enjoyable and immersive escape-the-room experience for players. To reach this $1 million threshold is another indication that our hard work is appreciated […] We love how enthusiastic our fans have been toward the game, and we hope they will enjoy this hilarious mixed reality video we’ve developed.”

Earlier this month, Schell Games confirmed on its social media platforms that it plans to release more content for I Expect You To Die, the details of which are yet to be released, but they will be available by the end of the year.

I Expect You To Die is a gripping virtual reality, spy-themed escape room puzzle game which requires players to complete a series of missions by using problem-solving and wits. Players take on the role of an elite secret agent as they attempt to survive the most dire situations.

It was released back in December 2016 to much critical acclaim, with numerous awards for best gameplay, best VR experience and best game design. Heck, even our Chris Harding managed to get through the game in his review, which you can read here.

I Expect You To Die is currently available via the PlayStation Store as a digital download.

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