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Wallow In a Post-Disaster Apocalypse In The Long Dark

On August 1, Independent studio Hinterland is bringing The Long Dark to PlayStation gamers worldwide. According to Hinterland Creative Director Raphael Van Lierop, after working for years on “triple-A” games and “big blockbusters”, he wanted to make something more personal.

Raphael continued, “I wanted to create an experience that would channel the best wilderness survival literature and films, and also explore a post-disaster setting that was distinctly Canadian, like me. I was fortunate enough to be able to attract other like-minded game developers to this endeavor, and it’s incredible to us that after all this time, it’s finally happening!”

The Long Dark is actually two games in one. Survivor Mode is simply an open-world survival sandbox where the only objective is–you guessed it– survival. You are given nothing. Instead, consider yourself dropped off into the middle of the savage Canadian wilderness like a bad Discovery Channel show. You’ll fight against the elements and your own physical limitations as you manage your resources, namely your food, fuel, clothing and tools. It’s a constant battle to find better shelter, better gear, all just to see one more sunrise.

Wintermute is the narrative mode, and according to Raphael, is inspired by stories like Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. That revelation has this particular Pure PlayStation’s writer pretty excited as The Road is one of my favorite books from one of my all time favorite authors. It’s a five-episode story where you play as Will Mackenzie, a bush pilot who, along with Dr. Astrid Greenwood, crashes his plane in the middle of Canada’s snow-capped wilderness after a mysterious geomagnetic disaster. In other words, Wintermute builds on the Survivor mode by adding a deep storyline and a cast of characters whose trust you’ll need to survive.



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