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Warhawk, PlayStation All-Stars and Twisted Metal Servers Going Offline Next Month

Sad news today as Sony has announced, though rather discreetly, that three PS3 games will be losing their online functionality next month.

Warhawk, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Twisted Metal will no longer be playable online from October 25th, according to the store pages for the respective games. That was the announcement; a small footnote on each game’s product page.

It’s a shame but it’s understandable, though Warhawk will suffer more than the others as it’s a predominantly online game. PlayStation All-Stars and Twisted Metal are still playable offline with single player and local multiplayer, so they’re not completely dead.

I think it’s time we just accepted that the older games from previous generations just won’t be the same and they will all eventually die off.

You’ve got just under a month to enjoy these games to their fullest (and sweep up those precious online trophies!) so hop to it and enjoy them while they last.

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Chris has been writing about gaming news for far too long, and now he’s doing it even more. A true PlayStation know-it-all, Chris has owned just about every Sony console that ever existed. Trophies are like crack to this fella.

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