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Watch 13 Minutes of Destiny 2 Info

Whether you love it, hate it, or cannot muster the energy to care, Destiny 2 is going to be one of the biggest games of the year. It looks as if it has been (thankfully) reworked from the top tip of the blaster to the bottom of a new shiny cape. While a beta is promised sometime later this summer, what changes will a player notice, and what can we expect from the hot, new Destiny 2 experience?

The home of Halo has you covered with three new trailers to tease you with images and gameplay, while the team answers your burning questions. The Next Adventure is all story. They talk about the villain, the exile of the guardians, and how you will have a new armory to collect.

The second video, The Worlds of Destiny 2, plays like a travel video. They showcase the new environments and planets and try to remove “as many barriers between your gun and the enemy’s face”. (That should be a bullet point on the back of the box.) They also remind us that you can travel to other planets without first going to orbit.

Finally, Clans and Guided Games focuses on the multiplayer and social portions of the game. Clans are fully integrated in Destiny 2 and will be able to advance with “special rewards”. Guided Games matches individuals for raids with a clan that may be short a player or two. This ensures that people without a clan can still see and play the raids, and it might be your future invitation to join a clan.

Even to some Cynical Cindys like us, the visuals and promise of a remade Destiny 2 are alluring. The trailers are still heavily filled with the usual Traveler, Light, Guardian, and other almost throwaway buzzwords that made the lack of story so frustrating from the first game, but we are starting to warm to this new Destiny.

It looks like Bungie is trying to make good on promises from the original game, and the original concept was something we wanted to play and still want to play. We look forward to seeing if Destiny 2 will become our new obsession when it releases on September 8th.

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