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Watch Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Opening Cinematic (It’s Awesome)

Say what you will about Square Enix, but they know how to make some of the best CG cinematics. They dropped the opener to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT today, and it showcases some of your favorite heroes and villains from the entire series. We have never seen Kefka look better or scarier. Clowns are the worst.

Slashing follows spells as everyone is trying to get the upper hand. Special attacks are everywhere, and it really is a gathering of Final Fantasy’s most powerful persons club. Swords and sorcery rapidly counter each other as characters wear the standard impossible Final Fantasy attire. Good luck, cosplayers.

Along with the seizure-inducing opening cinematic, we have a slightly less impressive cutscene from game. Noctis is dropped into the world and retains his trademark aloofness (or is it perpetual confusion) as he meets Lightning and the Warrior of Light. Between the two trailers we have more black leather clothing than a BDSM convention, but they manage to pull it off. (Yeah, we talk about video game fashion, and it surprises us too.)

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will have fourteen stages with 28 different characters from the series. The story that wraps them all together was written by Kazushige Nojima. He worked on Final Fantasy X and XV and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, so he is more than familiar with the universe.

If this sounds great and your backlog can stand another game, you can pick up Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on January 30th. Square Enix is also making four different versions of the game available, and we have put a handy picture under the cutscene trailer to help you choose.

Be sure to check out the opening cinematic and bask in the glory of another amazing view of the world and characters of Final Fantasy.


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