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Watch John Cleese Read a Letter to Hitler in Latest Trailer for RAID: World War II

RAID: World War II has a trailer double feature today. The first trailer is only CG, and it shows the team ransacking a mansion filled with dead soldiers of the Third Reich. They are setting explosives and relieving the bad men of all that gold. Bad men often have bad friends, and you can see how that turns out in the trailer.

The second trailer is a little more interesting. Starting with a live action scene with John Cleese, we move to gameplay footage from the game. They show shooting a variety of guns, driving, interior and outdoor environments, and plenty of action. RAID: World War II is not going to ruin the Call of Duty franchise this year with its visuals, but it looks like there is plenty to see and shoot with friends.

If you are not aware, RAID: World War II is made by Lion Game Lion, and they contributed to PAYDAY 2. It is a four player co-op game, with multiple classes, real locations, and objective based missions to complete set in (surprise) World War II. You can choose from one of four customizable characters from multiple countries to be your avenging angel avatar.

John Cleese will lend his distinct voice to an in-game British officer at Control. The top person at Control, “Mrs. White”, saved your bacon by keeping you from being a prisoner of war. We would fight the people who held us captive too, and we generally tend to follow John Cleese’s instructions.

Watch both trailers to see if it will be your new multiplayer obsession, and you can pickup RAID: World War II on October 10th.

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