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Watch The Making Of Uncharted 4 Part 2 Right Here

Naughty Dog have released the second part in their making of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End series, this entry is titled ‘Growing up with Drake’. You can check out last week’s entry here. This week’s video deals with the learning experience that comes with ageing. The staff at Naughty Dog discuss how the majority of them were in their early twenties when the first Uncharted was released and how that means they’ve been growing up with Drake. The actors, such as Nolan North, discuss how privileged they feel to have gotten the chance to play these characters for as long as they have. The game’s creators also discuss how improved technology has allowed them to show the subtle details of Drake’s ageing. Unfortunately, we didn’t feel this week’s entry was as interesting as last’s, but it’s still worth watching and it’s nice to see and hear from the people who spend so long working behind the scenes to bring the game to us. The video is down below, enjoy.


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