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Watch The New Ratchet And Clank Story Trailer Here

Insomniac have released a trailer for their soon to be released Ratchet and Clank reboot (otherwise known as Pixar the Game). It’s a story trailer so beware of spoilers, although we don’t think it’s too spoiler heavy on the story as it really just narrates the game’s general theme, which focuses on the idea a nobody becoming a hero despite the odds. As always, the trailer is narrated by the ‘illustrious’ Captain Quark. Just in case you’re curious, the song in the background is ‘Could Have Been Me’ by The Struts, a good song although a questionable choice for the background of this particular trailer.

Ratchet and Clank will be invading PS4s on the 12th of April in the USA or the 20th in Europe. Pure PlayStation is over and out, enjoy the trailer.


Conor is Pure PlayStation’s resident Irishman. Naturally that means he’s constantly slurring his words and turning up stinking of Guiness with a potato in his pocket. It’s not all bad though, because Conor is also a PlayStation nut. When he’s not doing his best Father Jack impression (Father Ted, watch it) he’s got a DualShock 4 in his hand and a Vita in the other. Yeah, we don’t know how he manages it either.

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