Watch the Voice of Ann Takamaki Play Persona 5

A new video for Persona 5 shows the voice actress for Ann Takamaki, Erika Harlacher, playing and reacting to her own character in the game. The split screen shows her bubbly enthusiasm for a little less than 19 minutes, as the protagonist finds Ann, and she experiences her awakening in the game.

This video is very interesting, because many of the other voice actors admitted they had never played a Persona game in the short interview videos released earlier in the game’s marketing. It is also interesting, because the end of the video shows her (spoilers) fighting a demon sitting on a toilet. We think that speaks to how great the game will be.

Obviously, we could only skim parts of the video. We are trying to walk a fine line between starving for more details and not wanting to spoil any of the surprises about the game, so that we can absorb every nuance for ourselves.

Persona 5 releases on April 4th, and we are preparing our families for the long separation now.


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