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We Will Know the Release Date for Elite Dangerous Patch 2.4 in One Week

Frontier Developments completed the beta for the 2.4 patch for Elite Dangerous, and speculation has been growing more than your nephew who somehow always manages to punch you in the groin “accidentally”. After previous betas, the patches had been applied relatively quickly to the servers, but, with three platforms to update, it looks like it will take some more time.

After seeing questions and reactions from fans on the forums, Dale Emisiri, a Community Manager for Frontier Developments, posted an update on the situation. He said,

“In the stream next week on Thursday 14 September at 7PM BST, we’ll be bringing on our developers for a lore livestream where we’ll discuss some of the story in preparation for 2.4 so that you’re ready for when the update comes. We’ll also be giving more information about the launch of 2.4 The Return, and a date of when you can expect to be exploring the content for yourself!”

We also have seen that, although the beta did not feature The Thargoid content, the patch will contain the aliens with a potential new type of damage and new weapons. The content in the patch is also rumored to be rolled out over time, so we may have the aliens drop on day one with more content added over a few weeks.

No matter how the content is distributed, the highly anticipated patch 2.4 will shake up the Milky Way galaxy and players in Elite Dangerous. We look forward to bringing you a date next week.


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