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We’ve Found Far Cry Primal’s PS4 File Size

Last week brought us an update on Far Cry Primal’s file size on Xbox One, which was 21.28GB. People seemed pretty blown away with that and started to talk of  brighter future in which a single game wouldn’t take up half of their hard drives. Well we’ve got some news for you, it looks like that future is already here for PS4.

While perusing the PS Store on one of our PS4s, we happened upon Far Cry Primal and decided to click into it. The game’s file size was there and much to our surprise it only takes up an tiny 12.2GB! That means you’d fit, like, four Primals in a Witcher 3 file – not bad at all. The best part is that come February 23rd it’ll probably only take players an hour to download the game and have it ready to play. We’ve included a screenshot from our PS4 down below so you can see for yourself.

However… Yes, there’s always a flip-side to these things. There’s a fair chance that there’s more data to download once you’ve gotten the initial 12.2GB download done.



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