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When Does the Destiny 2 Open Beta Actually Start?

The Destiny 2 open beta will be giving us a taste of the full game later this month. With the introduction of a story campaign, the first mission will be playable, so you can judge for yourself if Bungie still has the magic or if multiplayer is where you should start.

Speaking of multiplayer, this is Destiny, so there will be plenty. First, you will have your choice of two co-op modes. Control will be a zone based map, and Countdown will give each team a base to defend or attack. There is also a strike that puts you against the Vex, and you can use the new matchmaking to join if you are a lone guardian. The new subclasses will be available for you to try as well.

That is great, but let’s get to when this actually starts. We had to go to the Destiny site (see the small print at the bottom right of the page under the Legal heading) to determine when everyone can join the open beta. If you pre-order the game before the beta (you brave soul), you can join the open beta on July 18th. For everyone else, it looks like the open beta will run from July 21st – 23rd.

Despite having to go semi-Nancy Drew in order to find the full info and actual dates (we do it for you, dear reader), we look forward to taking the new and improved Destiny 2 through its paces. It looks as if Bungie has incorporated a lot of the criticism from the first game to create a better sequel.

We will know for sure when the game releases September 6th.



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