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Whoa, Hitman is Now an Indie Game as IO Interactive Fully Owns Hitman IP

Who said all indies are shite 2D side-scrollers with crappy pixel graphics? Whoever it was, they’re about to eat their words as one of the most technologically progressive games for the PS4 is now an indie game.

OK, so it was a big release with the backing of one of the world’s biggest publishers, but now that IO Interactive has broken away from Square Enix, the company is now fully independent. The developer has also revealed that it fully owns the rights to the Hitman intellectual property, meaning that it’s free to do whatever it wants with it. A new game? Sure. A mobile game? It’s possible. A 2D pixel-art version of Hitman: Blood Money? Er, we’ll pass, thanks.

Writing on the official blog for the development house, CEO Hakan Abrak has stated that the company wants more players to enjoy the latest outing of Agent 47, and that the firm has plans to encourage it with more details coming next week. Possible free play days? PS Plus announcement? A giveaway if you demonstrate your proficiency as a real life hitman? Again, er, we’ll pass on that one, thanks.


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